Vaxasaurians are an extraterrestrial species of humanoid dinosaur-like aliens from the planet Terradino.



In their normal size, Vaxasaurians resemble humanoid dinosaurs with four-fingered hands that have ape-like nails on the end of each. Their feet are elephant-like and have three toes. They naturally have either green eyes with no pupils or red eyes with cat-like pupils, along with brow-like extensions. Their teeth are white and almost Human-like with the exception of a few fangs.

Male Vaxasaurians have tan, brown, beige, dark green or gray skin with their underbellies, the front side of their necks, and sometimes the sides of theirs arms that face the body being lighter-colored.

Females have medium red skin and slightly darker underbellies. Their chins are slimmer and they have stripes around their body that are the same color as the skin but darker. They also appear to have feminine breasts similar in appearance to those found on female Humans, hinting the species to be more mammalian than reptilian.


Much like Earth dinosaurs, Vaxasaurians reproduce by laying eggs.


Vaxasaurians are preyed on by Kaosseffexx Ultimasaurias, especially since they are unable to lift them for long periods of time, and can be trapped by their webbing.

Powers and abilities

Vaxasaurians can grow their size at well, making their dinosaurian features pronounced. As such they gain stegosaurid plates on their backs and thagomizers on the tail. Three plates on their shoulders separate and grow along with the plates on the forearms. A small triangular extension on the top chest plate forms on the bottom while the bottom sides stretch down and curve towards the center, ending at a point. The legs seem to become slightly longer.

Vaxasaurians possess enhanced strength at a level similar to that of Metahumans like Sasquatch,[1] allowing them to fight on-par with other beings their size such as Tiny's Species, Acrosians, Detrovites, Appoplexians, and Perplexahedron guards.

Vaxasaurians can throw objects into near-orbit and lift a To'kustar even in their base height.[2] Technically speaking, they are physically stronger than Methanosians and Crystalsapiens.[3]

Vaxasaurians can generate their Stegosauride features without having to change their size. They can also shrink down to about 10 feet (~ 3.04 m).[3]

A Vaxasaurian's thick hide makes them durable against most attacks. For Omni-Kix and Omni-Naut Vaxasaurians, their natural durability is increased thanks to their respective armors.

Vaxasaurians are quite agile for their size, being able to perform tackle slides and evade attacks while jumping.

Certain Vaxasaurians seem to have naturally-occurring weapons on the ends of their tails that resemble a plethora of medieval weaponry including maces, swords, war hammers, and battle axes.

Vaxasaurians can produce shockwaves by either clapping their hands together[4] or slamming their tails, especially those with weapons, against the ground. These shockwaves can blow away those affected within its vicinity.

Omni-Kix Vaxasaurians can absorb energy through their spines after an impact, and are able to fire powerful green energy blasts from their mouths upon absorbing enough energy.

Omni-Naut Vaxasaurians can survive in the vacuum of space, given how regular Vaxasaurians can temporarily do so without any special equipment.

When under the effects of an Earth cold, Vaxasaurians can accidentally sneeze out sprays of slimy snot from their mouths.


A Vaxasaurian's large size makes them very slow, unable to fit in tight places, and an easy target for enemies.

Vaxasaurians are primarily built for terrestrial land, meaning they require oxygen to survive. Without Omni-Naut armor or some other form of equipment, they are limited to holding their breath in space. Similarly, they are unable to breath underwater.

Vaxasaurians can be harmed by electricity, such as an Amperi's attacks. They can also be harmed by fire even when at full size, such as the attacks of either a Methanosian or a Pyronite.

There is a clear limit to a Vaxasaurian's natural durability, as they can feel pain from an Aerophibian's neuroshock blasts and having their tails bitten by Bashmouth's Species.

Vaxasaurians can be trapped by an Evolved Arachnichimp's webbing.

Despite their enhanced strength, Vaxasaurians are unable to lift anything bigger than a Kaosseffexx Ultimasauria. Technically speaking, they are physically weaker than Evolved Vaxasaurians, Atasians, Chimera Sui Generi, Tetramands,[3] and Metahumans with the same powers as the Hulk.[1]

Vaxasaurians can be lifted by a species with as much strength as Trombipulor's Species.

A Vaxasaurian's tail weapon can accidentally cause collateral damage and make them injure themselves.

Vaxasaurians are unable to create shockwaves if they slam their tails on soft surfaces, such as mud.

If under the effects of an Earth cold, a Vaxasaurian's natural strength and stamina are severely reduced.

Culture and society


Vaxasaurians can occasionally be seen in clothing. The attire can include caveman-like loincloths, stone-based accessories and/or bones and skulls of other species.

Like Humans, a Vaxasaurian can develop a need for glasses.



  • The Omnitrix's Vaxasaurian representative is named Humungousaur, who first appeared in the Alien Force episode "Ben 10 Returns: Part 2". Humungousaur has appeared in every subsequent series.
    • The Ben Tennyson of Dimension 23 has an equivalent of Humungousaur named Dino-Mighty, who first appeared in the Omniverse episode "It's a Mad, Mad, Mad Ben World: Part 2".
    • Humungousaur has also been used by the Prime Timeline Gwen and Azmuth, Albedo, Vilgax's Bioid army, the Ben 10 Franklin version of Benjamin Franklin, a Plant Clone, and the Alpha Nanite.
  • One of the trophies seen on Khyber's ship is a Vaxasaurian skull based off the Humungousaur toy from the Omniverse toyline.[5]
  • Before making their debut in the reboot series, it was confirmed that the Omnitrix in that series contained Vaxasaurian DNA.[1] Therefore, Humungousaur was one of the countless aliens whose DNA pod was glimpsed in the episode "Innervasion Part 5: High Override" before being added to the active playlist for Season 3, replacing Wildvine.
  • It has been confirmed that Vaxasaurians cannot alter their size in the reboot continuity.[1]
  • An Omni-Kix Vaxasaurian's ability to fire green energy blasts from his mouth is a homage to Godzilla's atomic breath.


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