General Information
Homeworld Auriga
Diet Omnivores
Sapience Level Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Endless Universe

The Vaulters are a playable faction in Endless Space and Endless Legends. They are a nomadic human culture with a strong tradition in war and technology.

History Edit

Origin Edit

It would appear that the nomadic Vaulter clans on Auriga are in fact the descendants of surviving crew from a crashed Yldjko class dreadnought belonging to their space faring counterparts sometime during the 3500 AD period, perhaps the result of an intense space battle in her orbit, though this knowledge seems to elude them.

Stranded, isolated and without any technology to properly repair and refuel the crashed dreadnought, the surviving Vaulters salvaged what they could from the wreck and set about making a foothold on the strange yet beautiful planet.

They found vast underground labyrinths under Auriga's surface and built great halls and fortress cities there.

As summers and winters passed, the Vaulters had finally found peace and prosperity. Skilled in mining, crafting and studying Auriga, knowledge of what came before became lost in legendary myths that were now largely ignored, and eventually forgotten.

The Great Quake Edit

Centuries later an "event" triggered The Great Quake, labyrinths collapsed on the Vaulter's cities and cracked open their halls revealing long forgotten relics and secrets that shared their patterns and images.

A race beaten and their underground homes decimated, the Vaulters fled the destruction, taking the newly acquired relics and technology with them to surface where they were met with an uncertain and dangerous journey.

The Exodus Edit

Through some miracle the Vaulters managed to leave Auriga. Their self-exile from their adopted homeworld was not by choice but by necessity as the planet was experiencing an ecological disaster of a second ice age. Its unknown how the Vaulters escaped the planet, due to the lack of a vehicle needed to escape Aurgia's orbit, but its possible that the Vaulters had assistance from the Mezari settlers that were also stranded on Aurgria and also salvaging a crashed Hissho ship.

Once based on the planet Auriga, they left the planet when their predictions indicated potentially cataclysmic geo-atmospheric problems. Their attempts to colonize elsewhere have only had brief success, and the notion of a permanent base has gained an almost mythical status.

In recent times, one Vaulter clan, the Zolyas, rediscovered the location of Auriga and sought to make it their new homeworld after being evicted from a tundra planet by pirates. Opbot, the Zolyas loyal medical robot proposed that the Vaulters return to Augria. Opbot was one of the original survivors of the prison ship crew that was stranded on Augria millennia ago, he bore witness to the rise of the Vaulter clans and eventual exile. After centuries of tracking stars and galaxies he managed to pinpoint Augria's exact position. Though Tutela Zolya, the current leader of clan Zolyas, was uninterested in returning to a world her ancestors abandoned, she reconsidered when Opbot informed her of the vast trove of Endless artifacts that still remain unclaimed on the planet.

Culture Edit

Technological savants, the Vaulters are a human civilization who emerged from Auriga's underground warrens and have dedicated themselves to repairing the great machinery of the Endless

An ancient faction, the Vaulters have suffered a number of major setbacks in trying to establish a permanent home for themselves. Though characterized as restless wanderers, they are in fact a proud and adaptable race, seeking a system that they can finally call 'home.' Their centuries of travel and tinkering have made them skilled at both science and warfare, though their greatest military strength is in defense.

The Vaulters have an old tradition of appointing female leaders, and their trust in this tradition has been confirmed by the faction's uncanny ability to escape, survive, and live to fight another day.

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