General Information
Homeworld D'Hoonib
Height ~ 12 ft (3.65 m)
Diet Omnivorous
Sapience level Sapient
Language Unspecified
Subspecies/Races None Known
Behind the Scenes
Universe Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

The Varlesh are an extraterrestrial species.

Biology Edit

The Varlesh in short resemble large hermit crab creatures. They have massive conical shells that can be used for refuge and defense even of other non-Varlesh creatures, large & strong claws defense if necessary, communicative skills in psionics and physic ability can be used for defensive tactics among a clan of Varlesh if necessary, in their younger & more mobile form they are bipedal with a heavy exoskeleton

History Edit

The Varlesh are mentioned and do appear in the 2003 show, but extremely briefly. In episode Turtles in Space, Part 1: The Fugitoid, Honeycutt reveals his origin and escape to the TMNT in a flashback. While the encounter with the Crab aliens is very similar to the original comic-book story, it is edited and scaled down. Blanque's soldiers are shown merely running past the Varlesh shells in the small clearing after what they think is the Droid's trail. After they have left, like the comic the Fugitoid emerges from the sanctity of the Varlesh's shell. The Fugitoid then continues his escape to Peblak. The conversation with the Crab is omitted. However it is eluded to that a bond had been formed and that the Varlesh were Honeycutt's allies.

Culture Edit

The Varlesh are a shy, peaceful hermit crab-like species of giant crustaceans mostly found in the forested areas the Planet D'Hoonib. After more than two million years of mutagenic activity they have finally settled into their current and somewhat sedentary state. Somewhat hive minded, when intruders invade any particular enclave of Varlesh the aliens will simultaneously hide within their shells seeming to be just "part of the facade" and landscape. Or at least appearing as merely docile, non-threatening shells. Exclusivity and scarcity of the crab-creatures works to their advantage. Many would-be enemies on D'Hoonib and their scientists are unfamiliar with the species thus are oblivious to the camouflage and hiding tactics of the Varlesh. This allows them to continue live in a relative peace. They rely on psionics, psychic communication for general information gathering, passing, and amusement. They can sense sentient beings all at once both of ally and hostile intent. As younglings, they will wander the galaxy mixing with other alien species. Once in their adult form they usually settle down on planets or portions of planets of heavy vegetation. Their older, slightly more sedate nature allows vegetation to also grow on their shells. This allows them to blend in even more among particularly forested environs.

While the Varlesh are a small few, one currently nameless representative crustacean became an unexpected ally, friend, and voice of reason to the Fugitoid. Though it is the only one who is seen speaking aloud, it speaks for the Varlesh community in the Forest as a whole.

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