Adult Varkid

Varkids are an insectoid species native to the planet Pandora reputable for their rapid metamorphosis in response to threats. Beginning their lives as larva, a larval Varkid will eventually form a cocoon and quickly mature into an Adult within the space of a few seconds. Additionally, Adult Varkids can follow a similar process to evolved into what is locally referred to as a "Badass Varkid", which can further evolve into a "Super Badass", then an "Ultimate Badass."

While the "Supreme Badass" stage appears to be the pinnacle of evolution an individual Varkid may achieve, aside from Vermivorous the Invincible, it remains unknown if other forms of Varkid exist. However, the conical hive structures initially assumed to be Varkid nests are reportedly the reproductive organs of Varkid females partially burrowed beneath the ground, suggesting Varkids are capable of maturing to colossal sizes.

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