Alien Species

Varactyls or dragonmounts are non-sapient but very intelligent species native to the planet Utapau having both reptilian and avian characteristics.


Varactyls are able to run at high speeds as well as climb rocky mountains. These characteristics of varactyls make them ideal replacements for horses as mounts having the abilities that far exceed that of horses, being much faster and more agile.

Varactyls are also considered to be highly intelligent creatures characterized by their ability to remember their riders even deep into the future. Their treatment of their riders also depend on how their rides treat them. They become “loyal and affectionate” towards good riders while “hostile and dangerous” towards evil and cruel riders.


Varactyls have five claws in their feet as well as a beak in their face and long powerful tail that can reach up 10 meters. They are able to grow up to an average height of 4 meters and an average length of 15 meters. Their backs have feathers and mid-body spines that are fully characterized during their "courting ritual". Both males and females have different color set for their skin and feathers. Females have green skin with blue green feathers in their backs while males have orange skin with brown feathers in their back.