The Valuxian are a shape-shifting race from the planet Valux.

Notable membersEdit

  • Brian Johnson is a Valuxian alien and the cause of the Johnsons' crash-landing on Earth. Often childlike, he follows crazes and fads and gets bored easily, and is easily sucked into Josh's scams. He has little or no concept of morality, often creating difficult situations for the people around him, and only rectifying them because he is told to. Though he can morph at will, his allergy to ice cream makes him grow moose's antlers involuntarily whenever he eats it. He is, despite his personality, an excellent scientist, a trait that Lucy appreciates.
  • Sophie Johnson is a Valuxian alien and Brian's wife. She has slightly more common sense than Brian but is still quite clueless and easily led after enough persuasion. Unlike Brian, she is not good at morphing and can only do so when eating ice cream; after morphing into a new shape, Sophie found that she was unable to return to her previous form, and decided to stay as she was.


Two of their species crash land on Earth and while they wait to be rescued they decide to blend in as much as they can. Taking the names Brian and Sophie Johnson, they decide to become foster parents. They adopt three orphaned Human children: Mel, Josh and Lucy Barker. The children soon discover that the Johnsons are in fact aliens from the planet Valux, who crash-landed on Earth when Brian tampered with the controls of their spaceship. The house they live in is actually a morphed form of their spaceship. They also have the ability to morph into other people. Brian and Sophie have a very limited and muddled knowledge of life on Earth, and the children must do their best to help them acclimatise. No one outside the family must ever learn that they are aliens, or they will be taken away for scientific testing, and the Barkers will lose another set of parents.

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