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Vallak Dino-Mech
Universe Earth Defense Force
Homeworld Unknown
Average Height ~120' (36.576 m)
Diet Carnivore
Sapience Level Non-Sapient (Presumed)

Vallaks are gargantuan, fire-spewing reptilianoids that possess a number of dinosaur-like traits. Hailing from a mysterious past and an unknown homeplanet, Vallaks are the ultimate weapon used by the Ravagers that is not either the Quadruped Fortress or the Mothership herself. They are very quick for their size and can move at alarming speeds thanks to the length of their legs and excellently-adapted running posture.

Vallaks are fitted with powerful armor plating to give it substantial protection against conventional weaponry. EDF has stated that no matter what weapons that they employ against the "Dino-Mechs", they seem to soak up the damage and not go down. This has spawned the popular tactic of trying to flank the creatures with a vehicle while ground forces attempt to draw its fire. However, they are highly susceptible to the EDF's own mecha, and a determined Storm soldier can bring one down before it ever gets close enough to attack him.


An "Unknown" Vallak Cyborg.

One such Vallak was brought down by Storm 1 and Storm 2, only to be brought back to the Mothership and retrofitted with cybernetic implants, most notably massive laser cutting cannons in lieu of its arms and a protective helmet. This creature became known as an Unknown for, well, unknown reasons, as it is obviously an enhanced Vallak Dino-Mech. With its implants making it even tougher for round two, EDF forces are suggested to remain highly mobile while trying to attack the creature from behind in an attempt to avoid its attacks. It is easy to assume that the Unknown is one of the dead Vallaks who was resuscitated and then cybernetically enhanced with pieces left over from the destroyed Quadruped Fortress.


  • Due to the fact that the Vallak are the only non-vehicle of the Ravagers shown to not have originated on the Earth, it can be speculated that it may in fact be a Ravager itself. However, this claim is left unconfirmed.