Valaasian T'moosian
General Information
Habitat hydrated
Sapience Level sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Zagubini universe
Created by Marcin Mortka

Valaasian T'moosian, commonly known as toads of Valaas T'moos (Polish: ropuchy z Valaas T’moos), is sapient amphibian species from Valaas T'moos system.

Desciption Edit

Valaasians T'moosians are sapient specie amphibian from Valaas T'moos system. They need very hydrated environment to life. Their society is divided on clans that has war between eachothers in which their using slaves as warriors.

History Edit

One illegal community of Valaasian T'moosian were living on uper parts of abandoned freighter Persefona. In 2313 there was a fight between they and Desvians, other specie living on that ship after their section sank into Desvian's part of ship.

In 2313 their where buying Human slaves from theorist organisation called Destroyers.

Appearances Edit

  • 2014: Zagubieni. Zwiad by Marcin Mortka (mentioned only)
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