The Vajra are a bio-mechanical race of insectoids in the Macross universe, the oldest spacefaring species in the Milky Galaxy.

Vajra (Macross Frontier the Movie)

Vajra Queen


Vajra have existed in the Milky Way galaxy for at least 500,000 years, perhaps for millions of years. They span galaxies, with various independent Vajra groups active in different galaxies. When the first galactic humanoid race (Protoculture) encountered the Vajra, they found themselves in awe and fear of the insectoids. Deifying the Vajra, they attempted to emulate what the Vajra could do via technology.

Human-Vajra ConflictsEdit

Humans and Vajra have fought two wars against each other. The first one was a short one in 2040 AD near the galactic order, one caused by a misunderstanding that resulted in the annihilation of a human Research Fleet.

The second war was in 2059 AD, in which the Vajra attacked first the Macross Frontier Fleet and shortly afterward the Macross Galaxy Fleet. It was an intense, bloody, and destructive war that involved not only the Vajra and human UN Spacy fleet, but also a human conspiracy by cyborgs (the Cybernetics Conspiracy) that attempted to seize control of the Vajra and use them against the UN Spacy Fleet. The war ended when the Vajra and UN Spacy Fleet joined forces against the Cybernetics Conspiracy.

Vajra Heavy Soldier (Macross Frontier)

Vajra Heavy Soldier


The Vajras come in a variety of types. The smallest is the soldier-type Vajra are 15 meters long or 30 meters tall at the low end to 150 meters long at the high end. Capital ship-type Vajra are a few 100 meters long to 20 kilometers in height.

Every Vajra is in constant contact with the rest via the foldspace and the species itself has a collective consciousness. This ability to communicate using foldspace comes about via the V-Type micro-organisms in their blood, which contain fold quartz. To communicate with non-Vajra species, the Vajra have to infect them with V-Type Virus (which unfortunately ends up killing them).

The Vajra species have Queens who are the top of the hierarchy. These Queens begin as Semi-Queens whom lead their own groups of Vajra in search of suitable worlds to colonize. During that stage, they are several 100 meters in size and travel the stars within planetoid-sized Bishop-class mobile fortress ships, which also serve as temporary nests. Once a location is selected, they create a nest and the Semi-Queen grows into a full-blown queen hundreds of kilometers long.

The Semi-Queens during that period is a several 100 meters in size and travels in the planetoid-sized Bishop-class fortress ships which they use as a nest. Once a planet has been chosen, the Semi-Queen goes to that world and establishes a nest. By the time she has become a fully grown Queen, she is hundreds of kilometers long. When the Vajra look to mate, they do so with different Vajra groups in other galaxies.

Vajra - Bishop-class Mobile Fortress Vajra, two of them (Macross Chronicle)

Bishop-Class Mobile Fortress

Military CapabilitiesEdit

The ability to be in constant foldspace communication with each other, gives the Vajra the ability to quickly adapt in battle. Evolved Vajra are born and / or current Vajra undergro a metamorphosis to deal with the new threat.

Vajra are protected by highly effective armor that converts energy. They have the following types of weapons:

  • Pulse beam guns
  • Bio-micro missiles
  • Quantum beam cannons (which create short-lived pseudo black holes)

Their two most powerful types of capital ships, the Knight-class Carrier Vajra and the Bishop-class Mobile Fortress Vajra are equipped with quantum beam cannons which are as powerful as the Macross cannon and therefore these ships are able to devastate enemy fleets.

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