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The Vagaari are a humanoid species originating from the Unknown Regions. They are a race of nomadic conquerors and slavers that rule a considerable area of their original homelands. Led by the Miskara, their clothing usually includes robes of progressively fancy design and large masks intended to compensate for their height. Their government is known as the Vagaari Empire.


Vagaari are tan skinned, and are short with stubby legs and large hands. They have large, violet eyes, and flat ears rising high on the skull. Amazingly, they have two mouths, each with two sets of small teeth.

Culture and society[]


They are known for carrying unique creatures called wolvkils and schostri, both of which they use as weapons. While relatively unadvanced, they have highly-developed suspended animation technologies, and they are able to make effective use of captured interdiction fields.

Vagaari starships utilize living shields of sapient beings that have been trapped inside transparisteel bubbles and mounted on the outside of the hull, which is intended to make enemies unwilling to engage them due to the risk of killing innocent creatures.

Notable members[]

  • General Bearsh
  • Supreme Commander Estosh


While enemies of the Chiss Ascendancy, the official Chiss policies never officially labeled them as such. Vagaari began moving through Chiss space around 37 BBY (37 years before the Battle of Yavin), where a large number of them were destroyed by Thrawn. After retreating back to their own corner of the Unknown Regions, they licked their wounds and built their forces back up for an eventual counterattack against their new foes. However, all the while the Chiss were aware of this buildup, and feared that the Vagaari had already made allegiances with powers even more dangerous then they themselves were, possibly referring to the Far-Outsiders.

The Vagaari then disguised themselves as peaceful Geroons in an attempt to destroy the Redoubt, which housed the survivors of the Galactic Republic's expeditionary fleet, the Outbound Flight project. What at first was believed to be wolvkil skins that they wore turned out to in actuality still be alive, which turned into a source of trouble for the Vagaari's opponents, as blasters were ineffectual against the wolvkil pelts. However, once Bearsh was killed, the battle was considered a failure on the Vagaarian side. With their attempt failed, a state of war was officially declared between the Ascendancy and the Vagaari people.


  • "Amacrisier" is a Vagaari word that means something resembling "halt".
  • The name "Vagaari" may be a play on the word "vagary", meaning an "unpredicted change" (aptly describing the duplicitous species, whose members disguised themselves as the Geroon). The word comes from the Latin vagari.