Vademon is an Ultimate-level, Alien type Digimon of the Dark Area. Known for its flamboyant, yet terrifying personality, Vademon is a particularly devious species of Digimon known for stealing the hearts of unfortunate souls they come across. Perhaps the most Vademon was one that stole Koushiro "Izzy" Izuma's heart.


An Alien Digimon shaped like something that came from the far reaches of the cosmos. However, it is rumored that it was born from the seed of a plant. It could not be imagined from its overdeveloped head and octopus-like lower body, but it carries terrifying offensive power. The Abduction Kousen which it fires from the ray gun it holds in its hand is also a threat, and its Special Move Akuma no Nage Kissu is a terrifying technique which makes a complete fool out of the opponent.


They have a roughly humanoid shape, appearing to be made of noodles (like the Flying Spaghetti Monster), and oddly resembles a grey known as "Roger Smith".

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