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Uxorites are green, reptilian creatures from the distant planet Ringa Morr.[1]



Uxorites have long tails, and tentacles on their heads. They have three eyes with stripes running from them. They have four-fingered hands, and ostrich-like digitigrade legs and feet. Only female Uxorites have been observed so far.

Uxorite have three brains, with their main brain being similar to a Human's brain with smaller hold folds.[1]


According to Xylene, an Uxorite hatches and is then abandoned by their parents to fend for themselves.

Powers and abilities[]

Uxorites are very intellectual, as Xylene has knowledge of the Omnitrix.

Uxorites possess strong telekinetic powers, as they can envelop something in purple energy and either control or move it telekinetically. A Uxorite's telekinesis comes from the combined strength of their three brains.[1]

Uxorites can fly, causing their eyes to glow purple, as if they are using their telekinesis on themselves.

Uxorites have prehensile tongues and head tentacles.

Besides their telekinesis, the combined strength of a Uxorite's brains can also give them good reflexes.[1]

Culture and society[]


Uxorites have their own written language, which is also called "Uxorite".[2]


  • The tentacles on a Uxorite's head are similar to the Twi'lek's lekku.
  • It is implied that the Omnitrix contains Uxorite DNA.


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