General Kudlak
General Information
Homeworld Spiral Cluster
Body Type humanoid, insectoid-like head
Skin Colors brown
Locomotion bipedal
Sapience Level sapient
Language English
Species Origin Dragon Nebula
Status LC
Behind the Scenes
Universe Doctor Who

Sarah Jane Adventures

Created by Phil Gladwin

The Uvodni are a race of humanoid like aliens who came to Earth in search of warriors to fight in an interstellar war.

History Edit

In the 21st century, the Uvodni were fighting in an interplanetary war with an alien race known as the Malakh in the Horsehead Nebula. As the Uvodni began to loose their fight, General Uvlavad Kudlak was sent to a planet in search of a native species fit to train for combat and be used as soldiers in their war. Kudlak found Earth, where he (along with the help of a human) set up a futuristic style lazer lag building to study the performance of the kids who participate in combat. Once the children reached level 2 of lazer tag, they would be teleported to a Uvodni ship orbiting Earth where they would be prepped for war and later teleported to the Horsehead Nebula. Some time later, unbeknownst to Kudlak, the Uvodni and Malakh signed a peace treaty and ended the war and the on board artificial intelligence system monitoring Kudlak's progress kept this hidden from him because the Uvodni did not consider programming how it would respond to the war ending, so it decided to continue the mission and train human children and send them to the Horsehead Nebula. Due to the an encounter with the human Sarah Jane Smith, Kudlak discovered what the Uvodni AI was hiding from him and put an end to the mission. After discovering how he was blinded to continue abducting human children for a war that has long since ended, Kudlak decided to go back to the Horsehead Nebula and search for the children that has either survived the war or was accidentally sent there despite it's conclusion and return them to Earth.

Appearances Edit

  • The Sarah Jane Adventures Season 1 Episode 3 "Warriors of Kudlak" (2008)

Notes Edit

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