I'm currently working on making a long timeline of events from many "alien" sci fi movies, books, video games, comics, and tv shows. Much like the timeline on the Earth page were there was a timeline comprised of many pop culture sorces that involved Earth. I want to make a similar timeline, but instead of it maping event on Earth in sci fi pop culture it will map the various events of the universe. From things like the Great Time War (Doctor Who), the destruction of the Death Star (Star Wars), the creation of the Old Ones (Lovecraft), as well as the many events in pop culture that happened on Earth. It's going to take a while to make, seeing as how i'm not aware of every extensive lore on the majority of space sci fi. So I want to ask if you could help out with the timeline by including other sources I didn't put into the timeline and help out by editing the page from time to time. Thank you!

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