Alien Species
  • Hello everybody today i would just like to talk to you about alien life forms are we alone?No,are aliens good and evil what are the good aliens? what are the the evil aliens do they want peace or destruction? I dont know. 
  • Now think for a moment are we advanced enough not to be scared of aliens ? no we are not.But,look what has happened in 20 years time we got more advanced in technology in 20 years how advanced will we ?will we be smart and civilized  think about these words i am saying,please comment about this subject i am still continuing to talk about it but. 
  • Tell me, have you seen ufos are you a believer? how many aliens and galaxies do you think their is? well i cant answere exactly but their is more than any imformation useable by us but still think about how much their is read this whole heading and think.
  • what kindsof shapes sizes and energy do different ufos use or look like are they magnetic? do they have a feild that protects them from vapourizing at extream speed flight or space travel as we know it? well we dont know but, in time we will their was a book on 1066 the battle of hasting that talks about paintings done equilvilant to this agein time where their was a picture and  british or french writing saying or showing that dragons where seen in the sky on thatday going faster than the speed of light.THis i believe was humans from the future perhaps  i  think that humans wont get that advanced but in time we will be smart and itellegent beings. 
  • Infact aliens i believe have had a slight chance of being around longer or maybe they where born with tools so they could learn and intereact with all things around them it could be the case,humans have not been recalled to have been around long so when you think carefully we are actually quite advanced.And also about the battle of hastings before if you where a man that saw a flying saucer at the age of 1066 what would you think it was a dragon or something incredibly strange perhaps a bird or a phoenix in that age they believed in magical beings and magical creatures existance.
  • thank youfor reading this please comment on this and tell me what you think about what i am having to say than you and goodbye. spark321939