Alien Species

So, I've noticed a number of articles over the last few months that have been obviously copy+pasted to this wikia. This is especially obvious when the articles have the various remaining artifacts from references, aka the "[4]", et cetera pieces -- an example of this would be the Sluis Van page, which I left as-is as an example for now.

Now, not only are these unsightly, and kind of lazy to leave in, but we had an issue with ESW a while back about people here just copying pages they find on other wikis instead of rewriting the information again outright like really, they ought to be doing (if we could just copy and paste, I'd be adding 26+ pages a day… yes, really). We also have had a big problem with people coming in and "adding" pages but leaving them entirely blank which, honestly, should never be OK on any wikias. That leaves us less than sure what actually needs to be added to the wikia, and to be completely honest my goal for this wiki is to have as close to every alien race depicted in media ever (which could easily be several million species so is a lofty and unlikely but I think worthy goal to work towards).

My belief is that we would all really benefit from adding a Articles Requiring Cleanup category, at the very least to arrange all of the articles with the "[1]", "[3]", et cetera artifacts in them but I think it would work well for blank pages as well as using the Stub category like I've been doing doesn't directly relay a serious problem. The problem with outright deleting a blank page is that someone may come along one day to add said page, see that it has been deleted before, and therefore never add it like it should be. Unfortunately I work a lot and therefore cannot always do all of this clean up myself the second I notice a problem (this is also why I have often been seen adding the "Image Needed" and "Needs Infobox" categories to pages.)

I would like to give a few days of allowing for opinion however before I officially start putting this potential category into effect, as I believe in keeping things community-oriented as much as possible as opposed to acting draconian and just up and doing it by myself. -- Somarinoa (talk) 06:07, March 25, 2016 (UTC)