• Ralok

    Category Restructuring

    May 18, 2012 by Ralok

    The categories here seem to be ill-thought out for the scope of the project . . . I suggest a complete restructuring of the categories.

    It needs to be planned though, there is going to be a loooooooooot of grunt work involved in reformatting the categories of 5000 pages, of course I have the time to do so o _ o

    There needs to be four over-categories, one for technology, worlds, sapient species, and non-sapient species. A basic overview of what I think it should be I am going to put here, but I think a lot more discussion needs to be put into the idea of a radical reformation such as this.

    • Planets
      • Habitable Planets
        • (various third-tear sub-categories based on broad environmental assessments)
      • Uninhabitable Planets
    • Moons
      • Habitable Moons
      • Uninhabitable M…

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  • Ralok

    A Beautiful Thing

    May 18, 2012 by Ralok

    Look at all these pages . . . look at them



    This is humanities purpose, to imagine and create . . . and we havent even begun to scratch the surface!!!

    Marvel comics, DC comics, the French comic Aldebaran by Leo, Out of the silent planet by CS lewis . . . so much isn't covered here.

    Now here is the truly beautiful part . . . it can all fit in just one galaxy . . .

    if all of mans thought became real . . . it could fit into just ONE galaxy, and still leave more than enough breathing room.

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  • Ralok

    The Races of Prey

    May 15, 2012 by Ralok
    I have decided to re-blog my blog from the prey wiki, this blog concerns the many races of the "Prey Universe", as prey 2 has not been released the names of many of these races are simply placeholders'

    Well, prey has undergone a radical shift in structure. It is no longer a universe formatted like doom, resistence, or red faction. No longer does a single enemy sit upon a pedestle of wrong, and a single force stand for good. Normally a reformmatting like this would hurt the universe (ask red faction about when it added aliens) . . . . but . . . In prey, stated that other races and worlds existed out there. There was enough little things to indicate that this type of system could exist, and now it looks completely awesome.

    So I have noticed th…

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  • Ralok

    More Aliens for You Guys

    April 16, 2012 by Ralok

    wow amazing little wiki here!

    you guys are welcome to copy the pages from the Edgar Rice Burroughs/John Carter wiki

    there are many races native to barsoom/mars, venus/amtor, va-nah/luna that most definitely qualify as aliens!

    Edgar Rice Burroughs was one of the grandfathers of science fiction, so his races definitly deserve a place here :D

    I dont know if the pellucidar races count though, since they are from the center of the earth in a speculative version of the earth.

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