Alien Species

Ralok Ralok 3 October 2012


I have found a new method of sorting Species by trait without overwhelming the pages with categories.

by including thet code on the category pages . . . . they will not appear on the actual page.

Thus we will be able to sort through five fingered species, without the category "five fignered" appearing on each page, or red colored species, or various otehr traits . . .

The question is . . . is whether we should do this or not

you can see an example of this here

I dont know if this is a good idea yet, so I think it should be discussed.

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Ralok Ralok 18 September 2012

What Is an Appropriate Page? (Please Read)

I am creating this blog to discuss what I think is appropriate content for this wiki, as there seems to be some dispute over it. First and foremost I think that this places is a place for . . . alien species! But it is a place for other things as well.

  • 1 Alien Species
  • 2 Technology
  • 3 Diseases
  • 4 Planets
  • 5 Characters?
  • 6 When is something appropriate
    • 6.1 Example

This is obvious, this is a place for any and all species alien to this universe. That is to say something unknown in our world, it could be a species or being from any science fiction or fantasy universe, even if that universe is defined solely by the presence of this single aspect.

This includes species sapient, non-sapient, floral, fungal, anything and everything.

All alien technology should be allow…

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Ralok Ralok 23 July 2012

Category Fixing Bot

is there any way we can use this

to fix the categories . . .I have been killing myself trying to change them manually

we need to change the categories here . ..

the categories are a mess, tehre is too many variations of the same thing . . . too many redundany categories.

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Ralok Ralok 22 June 2012

Moving Categories

I am in the middle of the incredibly PAINFUL process of reshaping the categories here . . .

I dont ask for help . . . but if you are editing a page and it is categorized as "Sapient Beings"

change it to "Sapient Species"

and only use one category for humanoid species


Slow, and steady . . . but we will get there people!

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Ralok Ralok 15 June 2012


I just got my hands on the amazing book "Alienology" it is . . . about a decade under my reading level but this is just . . . soooooo much fun.

lots of detail, lots of good aliens . . . and my god it takes me back!

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