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Ralok Ralok 28 November 2016

Need help compiling a list of feminine Alien Races

I am writing an essay on mono-gendered alien species in science fiction where the member of the race are for all intents and purposes considered "female" by human standards.

This includes all female races, asexual races that resemble human females, hermaphrodites that resemble human females, androgynous leaning on female side species.

Any kind of reproduction (if the female race previously had males but now reproduces via cloning that is completely acceptable and totally counts).

Fantasy races are acceptable as long as they are original species and not traditional fantasy creatures (or are a take that is exceptionally alien too the original concept) science fiction races that happen to be fantasy races are allowed as long as they do not orig…

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Ralok Ralok 21 October 2014

Grand Timeline

I have been toying with the idea of a grand unified science fiction timeline as an article here on this site, it would be used to show relative dates of different events in different science fiction universes.

Problem is that this would be a slightly more comedic article, and may not fit the tone of the rest of the website, but it would provide very real information an an interesting comparison.

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Ralok Ralok 6 June 2014

Martian's Best Friend (New article :D )

I just wrote another article for Future-Bound-Entertainment, I hope that everyone clicks this link and enjoys it, maybe check out the other projects we got on the site (rebel cowgirls especially) and please share anything you like on twitter, facebook, whatever :)

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Ralok Ralok 25 April 2014

Alien Spotlight: Silt Striders

I wrote an article for Future-Bound-Entertainment where I got to gush about Silt Striders :D

The "Alien Spotlight" is a recurring feature on Future-Bound-Entertainment where I talk about alien lifeforms that I love.

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Ralok Ralok 30 May 2013

Uncategorized Pages (we need to clear these out)

I have noticed that we have a bit of a problem with uncategorized pages.

please help D:

a lot of these pages need to be deleted, or completely remade.

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