I am writing an essay on mono-gendered alien species in science fiction where the member of the race are for all intents and purposes considered "female" by human standards.

This includes all female races, asexual races that resemble human females, hermaphrodites that resemble human females, androgynous leaning on female side species.

Any kind of reproduction (if the female race previously had males but now reproduces via cloning that is completely acceptable and totally counts).

Fantasy races are acceptable as long as they are original species and not traditional fantasy creatures (or are a take that is exceptionally alien too the original concept) science fiction races that happen to be fantasy races are allowed as long as they do not originate from earth.

So far I have compiled a list of 10 races.

  • Orinocas
  • Koorime
  • Mazone
  • Asari
  • Gem
  • Taresians (kind of dont count)
  • Gerudo (kind of dont count depending on if the sole male is ganon every time or not)
  • Xenomorph (your mileage may vary)
  • Darkstalkers Catgirls (scraping the bottom of the barrel here)
  • Futurama Amazonians (previously had males)
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