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(Updated as of 22/06/2019)

Hello AvP fans, this post contains a comprehensive list of the equipment, armour, weapon systems (including attachments, modifications and ammunition) and vehicles used by the United States Colonial Marine Corps that I've adapted from an article on Xenopaedia featuring this list I created.

I have categorised the contents of this list in accordance with contemporary military classification to most effectively portray the capabilities of the USCM as well as assist those interested in developing any kind of fan RPG etc. or even professional game developers and I am particularly interested in any comments regarding the classification and comprehensiveness of this list.

And be sure to see my speculation on Xenomorph hive dynamics and cultural analysis on the Yautja, also any anime/mecha fans reading this might be interested in my posts regarding topics from the Gundam and Zoids franchises.

Note that only standard issue equipment and service weapons are listed here, non-standard equipment such as personal firearms e.g. PFC Vasquez's Smith & Wesson Model 39 sidearm are not included.

Abridged contents:

Abridged contents


Personal Armour and Equipment

Body armour

  • M3 Pattern Personal Armour
    • Features:
    • Variants:
      • Standard
      • Light-weight — Greater running speed
      • Reinforced — Better protection from physical damage
      • Acid-resistant — Provides resistance to Xenomorph blood
  • M4X ArmourLight resistance to Xenomorph blood
  • ApesuitEffective protection from Xenomorph blood and Facehuggers
  • Class VII Spidersilk Armour


  • M10 Pattern Ballistic Helmet
    • Features:
      • PDT (Personal Data Transmitter)
      • Integrated full-motion tactical video camera
      • Audio microphone
      • IFF (Identification Friend or Foe transmitter)
      • Passive flip-down infrared sight — This sight displays infrared images from the thermal imaging facility built into the tactical camera, superimposing them over the background as a head-up display
  • Mk.30 tactical helmet
    • Features:
      • Flip-down eyepiece display — Displays tactical data e.g. The wearer could look out of the UD-4L's cockpit at a target and the ship's Target Identification and Acquisition System would show it's profile on the eyepiece screen, which change to tracking or launch functions after flipping the fire control switch

Load-bearing equipment

  • IMP (Individual Marine Pack)

Camouflage clothing

Environment suits

Aerial mobility


Personnel Weapon Systems

Mêlée weapons

Small arms


Machine pistols

  • 88 Mod 4 Combat Pistol — w/Full-Auto Action Replacement
    • Attachments:
      • S91 Dot Reflex Sight
      • C43 Extended Magazine
    • Modifications:
      • Full-Auto Action Replacement
  • VP70
    • Ammunition:
      • 9×19mm Parabellum
  • VP78 Pistol
    • Ammunition:
      • 9mm squash head rounds

Submachine guns


Assault rifles

Battle rifles

Sniper rifles


Light weapons

Machine guns

  • M41AE2 Heavy Pulse Rifle
    • Ammunition:
      • Caseless ball rounds (point-detonating high explosive light armour-piercing)
  • M56 Smartgun
    • Ammunition:
      • M250 10×28mm caseless rounds
  • M57 Smartgun
    • Ammunition:
      • Guided projectiles (can dynamically retarget mid-flight)
  • M57D 'Dirty' SmartgunRadiological weapon
    • Ammunition:
      • "Rounds that shatter into hundreds of radioactive splinters inside their target"
  • M59/B Smartgun
    • Ammunition:
      • Variable velocity rounds (higher velocity with tracking switched off)
  • M90 Minigun
    • Ammunition:
      • Armour-piercing rounds
  • M5 Gatling Gun

Anti-materiel rifles


Hand grenades

Grenade launchers


Anti-tank weapons

  • M5 RPG
    • Ammunition:
      • Unguided anti-armour rocket-propelled grenade
  • M6B Rocket Launcher
    • Ammunition:
      • Unguided rocket
      • Guided missile
  • M83 SADAR
    • Ammunition:
      • Active-homing anti-tank missile
  • M83A2
    • Ammunition:
      • Active-homing anti-tank missile (identifies defensive countermeasures such as decoy flares and possesses improved logic programming to aid in rejecting these dummy targets)
    • Ammunition:
      • Active-homing anti-tank thermobaric missile (aerosol magnesium explosive)
  • M112 HIMAT (Command mode)
    • Ammunition:
      • 60mm near-hypervelocity guided anti-tank missile (mach 4.5 w/5000 m range)
  • Skeeter Launcher
    • Ammunition:
      • "Skeeter" missile
  • M78 PIGDEW
    • Ammunition:
      • Vaporized plasma laser (effective/maximum ranges of 400/2,000 m)

MANPADS (man-portable air-defense systems)

  • SIM-18 Hornet
    • Ammunition:
      • Hypervelocity surface-to-air guided missile

Land mines

  • Directional mine
  • Static mine
  • M5 Bounding Mine
  • M20 Claymore Mine
  • Proximity detonated anti-personnel mines

Sentry guns

Prototype weapon systems


Electroshock weapons

  • 21S Arc Round launcher
    • Ammunition:
      • 21S Arc Rounds
  • G2 Electroshock Grenade
  • Electrolaser — DEW
    • Ammunition:
      • Electrically conductive LIPC (laser-induced plasma channel)

Sonic weapons

NNEMP (Non-nuclear electromagnetic pulse) weapons

  • M92 Grenade Launcher
    • Ammunition:
      • Timed fuse grenades
      • Proximity mines
      • EMP grenades
      • Spider mines

DEWs (Directed-energy weapons)

  • M78 PIG
    • Ammunition:
      • Vaporized plasma laser
  • UA 571-D Automated Sentry Gun
    • Ammunition:
      • 20 mW HF laser
  • XM99A Phased Plasma Pulse Rifle
    • Ammunition:
      • Charged plasma arc
  • Electrolaser
    • Ammunition:
      • Electrically conductive LIPC (laser-induced plasma channel)/span>

Chemical weapons

Radiological weapons

  • M57D 'Dirty' Smartgun
    • Ammunition:
      • "Rounds that shatter into hundreds of radioactive splinters inside their target"

Other weapon systems

  • M38
    • Ammunition:
      • Cased ammunition

Emplaced Weapons



  • Air Defense Artillery
    • Variants:
      • M579 — 20mm quad rotary cannon system, can track and defeat hypervelocity targets at ranges of up to 1,500 m using armour-piercing and HE shells
      • M270 — Phased plasma gun array, can destroy artillery shells in mid-flight
      • M820 — Rapid-pulsing free-electron 40 mW laser, can also be fired on a continuous-wave "dazzle" mode to blind the optical and infrared sensors of missiles, as well as blind enemy infantry though this last use is prohibited by the Geneva Convention

Organic support weapons


  • LIM-417 Phalanx
    • Ammunition:
      • High-altitude hypervelocity surface-to-air guided missile (multi-dart kinetic penetration warhead)

Command-level support assets

ASATs (Anti-satellite weapons)


  • HIM-122 Lancer
    • Ammunition:
      • High-altitude surface-to-air guided missile (multi-warhead with 10 independently targeted warheads)

Military Vehicles and Aerospacecraft

Combat vehicles

Light attack vehicles

APCs (Armoured personnel carriers)

  • M577 APC
    • Variants:
      • M577A1 — M270 Boyars PARS-150 dual phased plasma gun turret
      • M577A2 — M820 rapid-pulsing free-electron 40mW laser turret
      • M577A3 — 20 MeV turbo-alternator powered charged particle beam cannon turret
  • M579 APCAnti-aircraft vehicle

Command vehicles


Mortar carriers

Self-propelled artillery

Anti-aircraft vehicles

  • M579 APC

Powered exoskeletons

VTOL vehicles

Military aerospacecraft

Dedicated re-entry vehicles



Fighter aircraft


  • UD-4L Cheyenne
    • Variants:
      • UD-4B — Original production variant, cannot transport M577 APC and only has primary weapons pods
      • UD-4C — Gunship (first variant with both primary and secondary weapons bays and dedicated rotary cannon turret)
      • UD-4E — A UD-4B with extended atmospheric range
      • UD-4H — Definitive production variant, major redesign of systems and components as well as the first capable of transporting the M577 APC
      • UD-4J — A life-extension program upgrading all UD-4Bs to UD-4H specifications
  • UD-6B Mohawk
  • UD-24

Lift shuttles

  • Heavy-lift shuttle

Scout ships

Interstellar Spacecraft

Re-entry capable

Emergency escape vehicles

Troop transports

Orbital (non re-entry capable)

Rapid-response combat ships

Attack transports

Other military starships

  • Valley Forge-class
  • Dreadnought-class