Alien Species

Since the original work of the Book of Man on Vimeo, which has been active globally now for just over a year, attempts at getting the book formally published up until now since 2010 have gotten somewhat stonewalled though is still actively being pursued.

So while attempting to get this work moving farther down the road, I have now started on the second book of the series which picks up where book one ended.

The promo for this work is located here:

Book of Man 2 Promo

The outline is completed and the Prologue is well on its way.

Over the short course, I will be posting further advance announcements and promos as we start getting closer to the release of the next chapter(s).

Stay tuned friends ..... now the fun really begins. :)

Evildweeb (talk) 18:54, July 4, 2015 (UTC)