Alien Species

For quite some time now (and I mean it, it's been more than a year) we've had the same "featured article" in our Main Page, the Moorwen.

Before that, I remember we went through a few others that were chosen by votation every month, but that system was sort of unofficially dropped because almost nobody voted. And before that, I remember we had a list of "featured articles" which were chosen arbitrarily.

I believe it's time for another change, and I got a proposal. Between having a list and having a new article every month, I prefer the list, so we won't have to chose something new all the time. But instead of a list, it should be far more interesting as a gallery. And of course electing the featured articles by voting is far preferable than chosing arbitrarily, so I'd like to keep that part. So my idea is: on the FA section of the Main Page, where the Moorwen currently is, there would be a gallery of articles which we have nominated and elected as the most representative of the best ASW has to offer.

As for the procedure for electing featured articles, I have elaborated three rules, which I believe are fair and reasonable; and I ask for your opinion on them:

FIRST – To be featured in the Main Page, the article must be reasonably long, reasonably well-written, reasonably complete, and original to ASW (that is: not copy-pasted from some other source). However, featured articles don't get any differentiated treatment over regular articles, other than being featured in the Main Page's FA gallery.

SECOND – Anyone can nominate an article that complies with the FIRST rule to be featured, by posting a note on the nominated article's talk page. If two weeks pass and nobody disagrees or contests, the article becomes featured. If anyone contests they must explicitly state the reason(s), for example: "the article is full of errors such as X and Y" or "it's copied from source Z". Reasonable and civilized discussion should then follow and if no consensus is reached, an admin will have the final word. In the unlikely event that two or more admins disagree with each other, the highest ranking member of ASPF will make the decision.

THIRD – After an article is already featured, there might still be contestants who wish to remove its featured status. In that case, the same procedure described in the SECOND rule should follow in the concerned article's talk page.

I believe this would be a fair system for electing the featured articles from now on. What you think?