Alien Species

Alright, in the last few weeks there have been some discussions about what kind of content should and should not be allowed. So let's try to settle this. I'm doing this in blog form rather than using ASPF:Admin's Council because I believe everyone should vote, not just the admins.

The voting period will be closed on March 15, 2019.

The topics that we should vote for are the following.

1. Characters.

Only the following types of characters will be allowed to have pages on the wiki:

  • Unique beings
  • Cyborgs
  • Mutants
  • Hybrids
  • Characters of unknown species (as long as they're the only known members of it)
  • Characters with ambiguous backgrounds

Pertinent information about notable members of a species may be added to a section in that species' page, if deemed relevant.

Please vote "agree" or "disagree".

2. Locations

Location pages will no longer be allowed. Unless they're living locations. Pertinent information about a species' homeworld may be added to that species' page, if deemed relevant.

Please vote "agree" or "disagree".

3. Technology

Technology pages, such as spaceships and such, will no longer be allowed. Unless they're living, self-aware forms of technology.

Please vote "agree" or "disagree".

4. Affiliations

Human affiliations will be deleted and only alien affiliations will be allowed.

Please vote "agree" or "disagree".

5. Others

Pages that are solely about languages, substances, food, ailments, arts and events will no longer be allowed (unless of course the food or ailment represents a life form in its own right).

Please vote "agree" or "disagree".