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    Alright, in the last few weeks there have been some discussions about what kind of content should and should not be allowed. So let's try to settle this. I'm doing this in blog form rather than using ASPF:Admin's Council because I believe everyone should vote, not just the admins.

    The voting period will be closed on March 15, 2019.

    The topics that we should vote for are the following.

    Only the following types of characters will be allowed to have pages on the wiki:

    • Unique beings
    • Cyborgs
    • Mutants
    • Hybrids
    • Characters of unknown species (as long as they're the only known members of it)
    • Characters with ambiguous backgrounds

    Pertinent information about notable members of a species may be added to a section in that species' page, if deemed relevant.

    Please vo…

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  • BlueFrackle

    First of, I have written this post partially to try to create a place to settle down the recent controversy over "Alternative Forms of Life", so we no longer have to jump over between several user talk pages and category talk pages, and I also think putting it in blog form might help bringing in more opinions on the whole matter.

    Thing is: I have recently brought back Category:Alternative Forms of Life (because it had dozens of pages and I saw it as a nice, useful category), which had been previously deleted. I never thought there would be so much controversy about it, but it ended up spawning some. Points against it have been raised: specifically, that it's impractical, highly anthropocentric, hard-to-define, highly anthropocentric, incorr…

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  • BlueFrackle

    Well, I guess I just impulsively stayed up all night to finish removing all 256 remaining Star Wars species from the Triangulum Galaxy category where they do NOT belong. You're welcome :D

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  • BlueFrackle

    Since my ideas about Featured Articles seem to have been well-received, I went ahead and created Template:FA for us to put on the talk page of articles we'd like to nominate.

    Already nominated Ralok's suggestions (Hokita and Remulakian) plus the following articles: Anunnaki, Cardassian, Dalek, Elder Thing, Felucian, Geth, Grox, Kryptonian, Long One, Mala'kak, Martian (Looney Tunes), Martian (Ray Bradbury), Melmacian, Mesklinite, Metroid, Necromorph, Pak'ma'ra, Prawn, Soft One, Species (Alien Species), Tenctonese, The Thing, Weeping Angel, Xenomorph and Yautja.

    These are the wiki's best articles IMO, but if you disagree feel free to contest them. Also, please nominate more articles if I forgot some which also deserve FA status!

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  • BlueFrackle

    Featured Articles

    November 6, 2012 by BlueFrackle

    For quite some time now (and I mean it, it's been more than a year) we've had the same "featured article" in our Main Page, the Moorwen.

    Before that, I remember we went through a few others that were chosen by votation every month, but that system was sort of unofficially dropped because almost nobody voted. And before that, I remember we had a list of "featured articles" which were chosen arbitrarily.

    I believe it's time for another change, and I got a proposal. Between having a list and having a new article every month, I prefer the list, so we won't have to chose something new all the time. But instead of a list, it should be far more interesting as a gallery. And of course electing the featured articles by voting is far preferable than c…

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