Alien Species

I recently added such categorizes as Venusian, Martian, and Jovian Humanoids to the wiki and put them under the category of Venus Inhabitants, Mars Inhabitants, and Jupitor Inhabitants. I did not anticipate that someone would add them to the Humanoid category however they do belong in that category. I feel we are now posed a challenge; how to subcatagorize these categories so they don't clutter the Humanoid category.

I've considered the following;

Humanoids by planet of origin - but the inhabitants category includes more then just natives.

Humanoids by planet of habitation - but species have ways of traveling to many different worlds and this subcategory could lead to a single species being placed in various *planet inhabitants name here* Humanoids. Coruscant alone, being metropolitan on a galactic scale, is a nightmare.

Humanoids by primary planet of habitation - this sounds like an option though a wordy one. It would narrow the subject down to a single planet where the population is chiefly found regardless of such being their native world or not. Thus I feel it best serves the role. If approved the categories of Venusian Humanoids, Martian Humanoids, and Jovian Humanoids will be placed in this category. Then this category will be placed in the Humanoid category.