Alien Species

VenomUltimate Venom by - Stupid Thargus[]

A sybiote is a living, sentient, alien organism that bonds with other living organisms in order to survive.

They make their host stronger as a distraction while they eat their host from the inside out.

The sybiotes originated from Venom. These decendents became Carnage, Shreak, Hybird, and Toxin.

True Symbiote.jpg

When the symbiote attached itself to Spider-Man it made him go ballistic.

Venom has often tried to eat spider mans liver.

Spider-Man used the three weaknesses of a sybiote to get venom of of him.

1. Fire - melts away at a sybiote

2. Loud Noise - the sound of a grand bell made Venom flea from its host

3. Its own children - each symbiote child is stronger then the previous and often try to kill their father thumb|300px|rightWhen Venom was defeated it joined several other hosts.

Its main host was Eddie Brock, a man who deeply hated Spider-Man.

To stop the symbiote Venom from spreading Spider- Man faked his death. Then Venom went on to San Francisco and became a hero.

But the symbiote Carnage was still evil and became a serious problem in New York city. Fortunately Toxin who was the only symbiote who could control it self destroyed Carnage.

After thousand of offsprings came ULTIMATE VENOM !