Alien Species


I like Sci Fi and aliens a lot. My favourite is Alien, Predator and Halo and I like walruses. I like imaginative aliens, not ones that resemble humans too much because that doesn't make sense to me.

My favorite pages[]

  • 1. Mimic (I think these guys are the most imaginatively designed aliens in sci-fi and the time travel ability is really cool)
  • 2. The Flood (These guys are most scary alien in sic fi for me. They almost infected the entire galaxy twice!)
  • 3. Xenomorph (These guys are classic and really badass looking as well and scary.)
  • 4. Yautja (Again these guys are really badass)
  • 5. Lekgolo (I think the way these guys are able to form many shape's is cool and imaginative)