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Hello AvP franchise fans, if you are one with a discerning intellect and refined taste for hard science fiction, I suggest you see my blog for information that I'm sure you will find is of great interest.

As the Alien Anthology wiki is one of the most comprehensive and ordered information source on the lore of the Alien franchise, I see an opportunity for myself to markedly improve the information quality of what is probably the first resource most would come to when looking for information.

I do this with the primary intent to assist with (by way of fully comprehensive and accurate information classification as well as expert interpretation of appropriate canon and realism in lore incongruities) the production of higher quality work in new media from this franchise, so that myself and others can enjoy a higher standard of what is one of the most well known and expansive lores in hard science fiction.

If you find that my interpretation of canon is to your liking, then; provided you are open to it; I may also be interested in reviewing the lore congruity of any fan fiction that you may have created and even assist you with developing it further.

Also, any fans of Gundam or Zoids may be interested in my blog posts on their respective wikis that feature classification systems I have made.