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About The Book of Man[]


The saga of Man is complicated.

Not just for the reader but as well for those whose job it is to enlighten us – the historian, the anthropologist, the churches in their various presentations, the medical community, and the horde of other “sciences”. The greatest and most heinous divergence of opinions and theorems meet in the bloodiest theater of war we shall call Man’s “origin”.

These many opinions range from total convolution to evolution and beyond, with separate camps at each crossroads fighting for dominance in the domain of public and scientific scrutiny.

Suddenly in the wasteland of doctrine there is movement in alternative directions concerning the route of Man’s origins which the decaying regimes find awkward. And as these barren establishments are fighting tooth and nail to hold on to their obsolete assumptions, a foothold has now trespassed that shadowy solemn soil and has cast a new light on information either abandoned, or believably worse, purposely and clandestinely concealed.

It is out of this chaos the enigmas of Man have been delivered.

The knowledge contained within this volume is vast. Upon compiling sources, a clear outline emerged and from this a series of enigmas evolved. At its basest level, this interestingly produced a linear historical text. While collecting these materials, the totality of the content came from easily located pieces of information yet individually mere fragments, apparently disconnected yet all the same unquestionable.

Additionally some fragments, which in the preferred ancient tongue, can be called priscus perobscurus abscondites: or ancient obscure secrets.

No one piece of information detailed much more than very simple concepts and in some cases solid references without further connection or easily identifiable constructive ideas. For even some fragments, difficult to conclusively relate within any context would be a better phrase. Though, even with the superficially unconnected nature of the entirety of these infinitesimal mysteries, the pieces ultimately and surprisingly do fit together.

Each of the individual chronicles or segments often varies in the period or epoch covered, and yet the finer details also carry with them portions of a larger story. In all of these combined fragments, a relevance of the individual elements eludes us – much like in the 1997 film, Contact (based on the Carl Sagan book by the same name), where numerous pages of similarly and “apparent” fragmented information were transmitted to Earth. As with each page of data, there was no perceptible point of reference to connect them in order to make sense of it all. To solve the complete puzzle, a primer was required to assemble and decipher the entire message.

If one were to take this incomplete framework of such fragmented data and pinpoint relational benchmarks, there suddenly appears more connection between these seemingly unconnected and widely differing parts than we probably would prefer to understand. It has become a connecting the dots nightmare of (dare I say) biblical proportions. Since this effort in connecting so many varying and fragmented tiny bits could be described as a descent into madness, such madness in this light is so much more interesting.

Within the scope of such limited, unknown, or maybe even forgotten Terran history, tradition, and understanding, are portions or unrealized segments within one known trail of enigmas which plot the pathways that in due course may even direct the entirety of that place, that race, and its poignancy – or lack thereof.

The Enigmas are their own individual and unique narratives, though each one presents not only its individual enigma, but relates directly to the enigma of the Book of Man as a whole and where it could potentially lead. It is not so much a matter of whether or not the individual cases are all complete or even remotely definitive, but that they implicate far more than their apparent linear placement when they could very well be much more important – and possibly implicate considerably much more as well.

So it is that the Book of Man contains a unique linear set of individual enigmas that directly pertain to the vast pinnacles considered unknowns that have driven solar humankind, their need for understanding for that which is decidedly unknown to them, and yet that which they also empirically refute since such is not ideologically pertinent. As we have seen over the eons historically, that which is not commonly accepted therefore does not exist – whether or not it in fact does. Such is Earth science, knowledge, history, and sadly – perceptual truth. The obscuring of such things similar to these very topics would be a natural predilection of those either too indignant to comprehend of such possibilities, or those whose efforts are solely directed towards actively suppressing such things. After all, if something is too far beyond the reaches of one person or group’s intellect, belief system, or mandate, it must therefore be made redundant.

Charles Fort, in his 1919 study aptly titled The Book of the Damned, mentioned this very same and pertinent observation:

"Thou shalt not break continuity; Thou shalt try."

Some have witnessed throughout the course of time the change in accepted and unaccepted concepts, ideas and knowledge. That which is reluctantly accepted today was wholly condemned yesterday. That which was unreal and fantastic yesterday, is commonplace today – and yet tomorrow will be perceived as anachronistic. One might forward the statement that general acceptance of any topic as remotely theoretical is only recognized as it fits within a currently accepted theoretical framework. The problem lies within whom or what is actually responsible for defining that framework.

It must be said that Terran humans have never truly transcended the period of their early dark ages, a time where knowledge and truth were suppressed as actively as they currently are. In some ways, this predilection has never ceased and in all likelihood preceded those dark ages for several millennia. This point will soon become clearly evident.

Terrans potentially become true victims of their own nescience if allowed to continue to evolve in this manner. Not something that I personally would like to wave around the universe as a banner of assumed spiritual and intellectual superiority – for these are quite curious Terran characteristics.

The purpose of the Book of Man is to attempt to begin painting at least this small portion of the vast mural which has been accumulated from the depths of obscurity, as well as dark or hidden and likewise unrealized historical milestones – and what someone or something is attempting to reveal within such a construct.

And so it is with the Book of Man that a linear trail of enigmas has now presented itself.

from the Introduction, About The Book of Man

Brian O