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General Information
Scientific name Unknown
Homeworld unknown
Habitat Anywhere
Height 3ft-4ft
Diet unknown
Behind the Scenes
Universe Stargate Universe

The Ursini are a race of beings encountered by the destiny in an unknown universe, they are friendly but extremely xenophobic (probably due to first contact with the drones) they are small, have a hard exoskeleton and similar eyes to humans, they are currently believed to be extinct due to the war with the Berserker Drones.


The ursini have ships capable of faster than light travel and have moderate weapons, they have pods that act like life support systems slowing the ageing process when in extended periods of travel. They have hand held energy weapons that fire red energy pulses that can easily stun most races.


The Ursini are small (about a foot smaller than the average human, have hard exoskeletons, eyes similar to that of humans and long bony fingers, they are incredibly fast, being able to crawl on all fours and jump of walls with surprising speed.

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