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Ursadons comel sangat are apex predators indigenous to the snowy planet Braxis with no natural enemies. Due to their adaptation to their home environment, they thrive in snowy, frozen wastelands. They hunt their prey within the local icy waters, very likely indicating an ability to swim powerfully. Their species was at one point in recent history transported to a number of other ice worlds, including a dark moon that the Protoss Zeratul encountered on one of his journeys.

Instances involving attacks on Humans are rare, but the few recorded instances of an enraged Ursadon attack have all ended in tragedy. The Koprulu Wilderness Society has recommended that all sapients keep a safe distance from Ursadon populations both for the safety of the observer as well as that of the Ursadons themselves.

Unfortunately, their homeworld of Braxis was purified by the Protoss under the leadership of Artanis due to Zerg infestation, rendering the Ursadon extinct in their natural environment. How they fare on worlds they were transported to is as of yet not documented.


  • The word "Ursadon" translates into "Bear Tooth".
  • In order to access the free minerals/vespene gas cheat in StarCraft 64, the player must surround an Ursadon, at which point it will ask for a hug with the player's units.
  • If Zeratul's warband kills all three Ursadons present near the strange power sources in one mission of StarCraft: Brood War, a mutant Zerg Broodling will emerge from one of their stomachs. This mutated strain does not suffer from their typically extremely short lifespan, potentially due to being bombarded by the mysterious energy for so long. How it got here is not known.