The Urnethi are a race of insectoids that are native to the planet Quin in the CrossGen Universe.

Biology Edit

The Urnethi are humanoid arachnids.

History Edit

The Urnethi were mostly left untouched when Mordath conquered their Oudubai. However when Arwyn and Bohr approached the Hive Queen for the fragment of Ayden's arrow, the queen reluctantly chose to give it to Bohr, in fear of the consequences for defying his master Mordath.

Culture Edit

One of the more mysterious races of Quin. The Urnethi inhabit the nation of Oudubai within the Wastes. The Urnethi are infamous for appearing out of nowhere from beneath the sands of the Wastes. Many people of Quin believe that the Urnethi are nomads, however they do have a city known as Geasis, located beneath the sands of the Wastes. They are very distrustful of outsiders, only dealing with the outside world unless necessary. Compared to the rest of the races of Quin the Urnethi are few in number.

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