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The Urluquai are a race of hostile jellyfish-like beings native to the watery planet Urlu lead by the dreaded Overlord Slurqin. While considered warlike by other races, they use extremely flowery terms to describe their attacks on other races, implying that they have a radically different perception of warfare.


Urluquai ships are spherical ships with asemetrically placed spines (possibly as to resemble the Urluquai themselves). Their ships, in addition to the standard fighters, scouts, corvettes and frigates, include the Deep Hunter, a cloaking capable ship with heavy computational and attack cabilities, and a heavily armed carrier.


The Urluquai possess an array of advanced military technologies. Their heavy ships are equipped with Strange Quark Projectors capable of quickly destroying most unmodified ships. In addition to this, they developed the Nebular Sled Drive, a drive that moves at 12 times the speed of light even without being impared by interstellar nebula, and the Plasma Coil Cloaker. They also possess the Sardion Optimizer computers from their Sardion slaves, although this fact puts into question whether the Urluquai developed the other technologies on their own.

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