Alien Species
Universe WarCraft
Homeworld Azeroth (Broken Isles)
Average Height Unspecified -- likely varies by species
Diet Unspecified
Sapience Level Non-Sapient

Urchins are a family or genus of species which reside in the tidal pools and shores around coral reefs in the Broken Isles on the planet Azeroth. While all are likely pretty similar in overall physical appearance, they are noted for coming in several varieties, including but not limited to purple, black, and orange. They are dangerous to step on thanks to their spikes, and are believed to be either poisonous or able to cause infections through some microscopic adaptation of the spines themselves; however, it is possible that it is both; either both in each species or some species are poisonous and others can cause infection. Should an individual survive the infection, urinating on the open sore can and is often used to sterlize the wound.


  • While one might immediately think otherwise this species is actually named after a hedgehog as opposed to Earth's sea urchins; sea urchins are called that because of their resemblance to a hedgehog.