This is an unnamed species of intelligent, mobile vegetable-like life forms which inhabit the warm jungles of planet Uranus. Their appearance is reminiscent of a man-sized zucchini and they normally act with hostility towards visitors to their planet.

They communicate in ultrasonic frequencies and are capable of taking over the minds of Humans by a process which involves disembodying their own minds. If their minds come in contact with electricity while separated from their bodies, the Uranian is killed and their bodies crumble to dust.

Members of this species can survive on Earth-like atmospheres, even though Earthmen cannot survive without a spacesuit on Uranus' surface.


  • Space Patrol (1963 - 64):
    • Ep.03 - "The Dark Planet"
    • Ep.07 - "The Robot Revolution"
    • Ep.17 - "The Invisible Invasion"
    • Ep.28 - "The Evil Eye of Venus"
    • Ep.32 - "The Jitter Waves"
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