Eater of worlds, Pennywise, IT

Eater of worlds
General Information
Homeworld Space
Habitat Underground
Body Type Shape Shifter
Skin Colors Brown
Top Speed Fast
Diet Fears and flesh
Lifespan Thousand of years
Sapience Level Very Intelligent
Behavior Hunter
Language Multiple
Reproduction Unkown
Species Origin Space
Racial Abilities Shape Shifter, gets stronger with fear and psychological illusions.
Status Unkown
Behind the Scenes
Universe It, Sleepwalkers and The dark tower.
Created by Stephen King
Designed by Stephen King

This killer creature known as the eater of worlds is more know to appear in (IT 1990, 2017 and 2019), but not only appears in this movies is also connected to (Dreamcatcher 2003) and (The dark tower 2017). Pennywise is it's more comun form. He lives beneath the surface, underground, in town Derry. Each 27 years he appears 18 months ready to hunt his victims, children.

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