Universal Spirit Walker

Universal Spirit Travelers are a class of rare individuals that are able to extend their minds to other worlds.

Biology Edit

Universal Spirit Travelers are beings that are found throughout the universe, that have the ability to visit other distant worlds through astral projection and possession of other beings. Universal Spirit Travelers can be found amongst many races in the universe.

New Universal Spirit Travelers, or Manifests, emerge spontaneously. Usually when a being manifests their abilities, they go through stages of advancement. There are between four and six stages depending on the species.

Dream Stage Edit

The first stage of a newborn Universal Spirit Traveler. Manifests experience vivid dreams as other beings. These dreams are actually the Manifests possessing other sentient beings whilst they are sleeping. The subjects that experience these possessions are in fact potential Universal Spirit Travelers whose abilities will later emerge in time. The Dream Stage is most disorienting as the user has no control over who he or she may possess.

Soul Displacement Stage Edit

A stage in which another astral projector inhabits the user's body and their soul ends up hovering nearby. Or an experience of a memory download, which is quite stressful.

Later stages haven't been stated explicitly, but it's suggested that the Manifests will gain the ability to not only project their astral forms across space, but actually physically interact with a distant world.

Appearances Edit

  • Afar (2017)
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