Union of Justice and Order

The Union of Justice and Order is a intergalactic peacekeeping organization that maintain law and order within the universe.

Laws Edit

The Union enforces all codes of conduct throughout space. They are decided upon by the Galactic Council and headquarters at Spacecore.

The Space Code Edit

A series of laws that the Union of Justice and Order enforce.

The First Clause Edit

  • Civilization of any inhabited planet not developed enough to approach anther inhabited planet yet, must be subjected to Preliminary Space Isolation (PSI)
  • Individuals, sentenced to PSI have no clue that life exists on other worlds. The Union of Justice and Order ensures that all feeds from a planet's satellites and surveillance equipment never show the real state of thing.
  • Only when the first vessel from a PSI-planet lands on the surface of an inhabited planet, the isolation is lifted and and are welcomed into the Intergalactic Alliance.

Influence Edit

The Union of Justice and Order operates in various stellar nations:

  • Space Coalition
  • Commonwealth
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