Alien Species

This humanoid race has eight arms which they can move at amazingly high speed and coordination. A member of this species was a postal sorter at a post office in Massachusetts while Agent K was a postmaster.


Members of this species are bipedal humanoids with a peach skin tone, and bear eight Human-like arms, four on each side of their bodies. The rest of their body appears somewhat Human-like otherwise, but they are fairly lanky, and their heads look disproportionately small. Compared to the size of their heads, their ears and bulging eyes appear quite large. They can also move all their arms at incredibly high speeds, each arm doing a different task, and they are also known to have incredible coordination to match, able to accurately sort and file piles of mail at the speed of a machine. As another part of their speed ability, they are appear able to read in less than a second. It is unknown if their legs are as fast or dexterous as their arms.


At some point in time prior to 2002, at least one member of this species arrived on Earth for unknown reasons, likely a refugee, was processed by the Men in Black (MIB), and given a job in a Massachusetts post office, where he worked alongside a beatboxing alien, a small-headed alien, a stalk-eyed two-mouthed alien, and a one-eyed alien. Unlike the other aliens, who wore Human disguises and worked in the open, the eight-armed alien disguised as a letter-sorting machine, staying within the shell of the machine while using his superhuman speed to sort letters the way the machine would, and was known to smoke while doing so, decorating the inside of the machine with pictures of Human women while blaring music. For reasons unknown, he wore a US Postal Service uniform like his co-workers, despite being hidden within the machine while Humans were present. Agent K, a retired MIB agent, soon worked alongside the aliens as a postmaster, with no memory of his service to MIB. K worked alongside the aliens without knowing their true identities, until 2002, when Agent J went to retrieve K for help in finding the Light of Zartha. To remind K of his old life, J had the other aliens remove their disguises. The eight-armed alien continued sorting letters, oblivious to what was going on until J opened his machine, revealing him to K. K, still not sure what to make of the revelations, merely took the alien's cigarette away, and the alien went back to sorting immediately afterwards, but not before lighting a new cigarette. The eight-armed alien presumably kept working after K was reinstated into MIB.


  • Men in Black II (2002)