This species was native to a planet known as Sylus that was an uninhabitable and minuscule mesoplanet and formerly home to a race of long dead sorcerers.

Biology Edit

Jellyfish like creatures with translucent heads, revealing a brain.

Background Edit

The threat of a star plague had arose with the coming of the Everwinter. To combat this threat Galactus has sought five special planets with rare energies that would allow him enough strength to combat the existential menace. Taking Thor as his new herald, the god helped evacuate the inhabitants using the Bifrost bridge, and allow Galactus to feed on the energies of the planet due to the burial ground being rich in decomposing enchantments and dark power.

Appearances Edit

  • Thor (2020) Issue 004


  • In Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 of the MCU, a member of this species is briefly seen having a child with Ego
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