Unidentified Quoq't'nal Species
General Information
Homeworld Quoq't'nal
Sapience Level Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Afar

This is an unnamed sapient species from the world of Quoq't'nal.

Biology Edit

This species appears to be an insectoid race. They possess six legs and four arms. They bodies are similar to moths, yet possess a humanoid face with four eyes, two reminiscent of a human's while the other pair are that of an insect. In addition they possess a pair of wings, that might be capable of flight.

Culture and society Edit

This species appears to be adept at the study and inner workings of universal spirit travelers. In fact one member was able to explain the mechanics of being a traveler, leveling a being's abilities through stages that seem common to many lifeforms once they manifest the ability.

Appearances Edit

  • Afar (2017)
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