This sapient species were a race of primitives native to the planet Ba'ek.

Biology Edit

They are grey skinned beings with lower legs that bow backwards and small cone-like eyes.

History Edit

The last Armor Hunters unit had just cleansed the world of Ba'ek of the Armor that had ravaged its surface. The inhabitants had longs since retreated in the caverns below the wasteland came out to greet their saviors hailing them as gods. They wished for the 'gods' to stay and feast for them in celebration. Unimpressed Primary and his unit left in GIN_GR. Though its chief believed they were heroes, the Armor Hunters activated a doomsday weapon on the planet, causing an swarm of insect creatures to rid all life on the planet. These natives could only scream in horror stating that the gods had forsaken them as they were consumed.

Source Edit

  • X-O-Manowar 025 (2014)
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