General Information
Homeworld Koyasil
Sapience level Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Endless

The Unfallen are a race of sapient trees.

Biology Edit

The Unfallen reproduce through giant acorns, that are heavily covered in resin. The resin acts as a defensive mechanism for in the past, terrible fires called the "Scorchings" ravaged the planet and threatened the Unfallen.

History Edit

The Unfallen are most undoubtedly the most ancient race in the Endless Galaxy. They gained sentience long ago, however they never took it upon themselves to explore beyond the boundaries of their own world. However after the United Empire ships caused a skirmish with one of the galactic empires, the Unfallen became aware of the larger happenings in the stars.

Ancient and wise the Unfallen saw the chaos erupting in the heavens and believing it was their duty to uphold peace, took to the stars.

Culture Edit

Unfallen society is rather unusual. They are a race of plants yet have a uncanny respect and veneration for fire. They see it both as a destructive force and a force of renewal, as during the 'Scorchings' the heat of fire —the Fire-that-Renews— was necessary to melt the resins of Unfallen seeds and allow them to open. The Unfallen are divided into three societies. One being the First, grown from saplings and are able to walk. The role of the Firsts are solely to listen and absorb knowledge and grow. Then are the Seconds, and they are what 99% of the galaxy are a representative race of the "Unfallen". They act as the travelers, diplomats, and soldiers.

The next stage is the Thirds in which the Seconds start to succumb to the desire to take root and go into the Long Sleep.

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