Alien Species
Umgullian Blob
Universe Star Wars
Homeworld Umgul
Average Height 1 meter
Diet Consumer (Presumed)
Intellectual Level Non-Sapient

Umgullian Blobs are relatively large, gelatinous amorphs indigenous to the planet Umgul. The typical base color for a blob is sickly green, however most have patterns with vivid spots and stripes as well.

There are many subspecies of blob: some are bred for racing, some bred as domestic pets and some even for medicinal purposes. All, however, consist almost solely of a large mass of jelly-like fluid encased in a membrane thin enough to let the moisture of Umgul's foggy atmosphere to pass through it. As one might expect from an amorphous being, their membrane is able to break and then instantly reform itself, allowing them an easy way to reproduce or replicate. These new blobs behave exactly like the original blob until, at any point, they re-merge into one, assuming that the procedure was performed for mere replication as opposed to reproduction. When reproducing, a blob that grew to the appropriate size would divide into two equal, smaller blobs, like giant amoebae.

A sport was formed around the species that became known as Umgullian Blob Racing. This is considered a major sport on Umgul and the surrounding systems with major betting.