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Universe Mighty ORBOTS Universe
Birth Unknown
Death Unknown
Species Bio-Mechanical Computer
Gender Male-Oriented
Height The approximate diameter of a planetary core
Hair color None
Eye color Unspecified
Homeworld Shadow Planet
Affiliation SHADOW

Umbra is a massive, bio-mechanical computer the size of a planet's core, who rules as leader of the evil SHADOW organization. He (if the machine can be called a "he" - though it does utilize a masculine personality and voice) appears to be a vast globe, possessing a mouth, five eyes, and a vestigial nose. Despite his massive size (or perhaps in direct correlation to it), Umbra has no means of directly battling his foes, and therefore instead chooses to employ giant monsters and sinister aliens in combination with his own elaborate plans. These he uses to combat the Galactic Patrol, which he considers a threat to his galactic rule.

Umbra operates from within a massive dyson sphere world known as both the Shadow Star and the Shadow Planet - a world encompassing an entire star. The purpose of this world appears to be to harvest all of the available light from the star, likely used to power SHADOW's nefarious operations. From the Shadow Planet he sends out a network of informants and spies to keep him abreast on any and all developments within the United Planets.

Behind the Scenes Edit

  • Umbra's overall design is reminiscent to the Mother Brain from the Metroid series. It is possible that "his" design was based on "hers", to some extent.
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