Also known as "Uhl's Leghk" (see below). One of the most powerful species in the Starflight universe and one of the most hostile. Their ships utilize either class 5 missiles (Scouts) or Plasma Bolts, which are vastly more powerful than any human weapon. They never retreat, surrender, or engage in any form of communication.

In Starflight 1, they represent a 'faceless destroyer' and the best strategy is usually to run. Through the course of the game, it is revealed the Uhlek have a central 'Brainworld' that controls the entire race. An optional 'quest' in the game is to retrieve one of the two planet-destroying "Black Egg" devices and deposit one on the Brainworld. This obliterates the planet and effectively removes the entire race from the game.

In Starflight 2, the origin of the Uhlek is expanded and takes a central part of the overall story. In this instalment, the antagonists are a race inhabiting a vast nebulae known as the Umanu. Via a rift in time, the players can travel into the ancient past where they encounter Uhlek ships, hostile as ever. However, a small enclave of friendly aliens named the Leghk can be found on one distant planet. Their technology is highly advanced but they are few in number.

It is revealed that the Uhlek are actually Leghk under the mental domination of a inter-dimensional entity known as the Uhl, thus "Uhl's Leghk". Over millenia this comes to be "Uhlek". The Uhl has an nearly unimaginable reach across swaths of the galaxy and no real physical form. The Leghk state the great nebula of the future is the result of them causing a cluster of stars to go supernova in a futile attempt to destroy the Uhl. Also, the Umana are another servitor race- the Uhl spawned another Uhl and sent it through the rift into the future to dominate as it had done.

Through meeting the Leghk, the player can acquire the incredibly powerful Uhlek Plasma Bolt launcher and advanced shields. Additionally, the Leghk give the player the location of an incomplete weapon that could potentially destroy the Uhl, if it can be acquired and the Uhl drawn out of hiding.

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