Alien Species

The Ugnaughts are a race of small, piglike creatures known for their mechanical abilities. They are native to the planet Gentes. There, Ugnaughts evolved to become strong, efficient creatures, able to withstand a great deal of discomfort. However, the planet's hostile environment eventually forced them to move elsewhere. Many tribes of Ugnaughts were also stolen, and sold or leased as slaves.

One of the nearest planets to Gentes is Bespin, where the Ugnaughts became an integral part of the society on Cloud City. Ecclessis Figg purchased three tribes of Ugnaughts - the Irden, Botrut, and Isced - and gave them the daunting task of building Cloud City. If they could do this, Figg agreed to give them their freedom and a place to live in the floating city. The Ugnaught tribes agreed, seeing the opportunity for freedom, and they worked extra hard to make Cloud City a wonderful place to live. They chose for themselves a series of lower city levels, creating burrows and tunnels to mimic the environs of their homeworld. Other Ugnaughts established the floating city known as the Ugnaught Surface, giving the local population the choice of living spaces.

As a people, the Ugnaughts are known as great storytellers, and much of their history has been collected and passed on in long tales. As a race, the Ugnaughts are generally peaceful and shy, preferring to remain apart from other races.

When the Empire took control of the station, the Ugnaughts were left behind. They resented the Imperial presence on the station, and began rebelling against it. They caused all sorts of damage, and even tried to incapacitate Lobot so that the Empire couldn't use him to interface with the city's central computer. As a last resort, the Ugnaughts began planting bombs around the outpost, and planned to set them off when Lando returned to the city and repaired Lobot. Together, they disarmed the bombs and forced the Imperials off the outpost. The Ugnaughts were once again returned to the free status they desired.