Universe AVP Universe
Height 72.05 meters

The Nostromo is the starship in which the first Xenomorph is released.


The Nostromo was a commercial towing vessel, property of the Weyland-Yutani Corporation. It was hauling an enormous (some 1.5 miles in length) ore refinery and 20 million tons of raw ore, weighing many times the mass of the ship. The ship itself is still substantial, over 60,000 metric tons and almost 245 meters (800 feet) long, including three decks, four holds, stores, engines, and lots of pipes and ducts; its escape ship is called Narcissus. The ship is fitted with a self-destruct system. It has two detachable shuttles for planetary reconnaissance and serve also as an escape shuttle. One of which, The Narcissus, is the one Ripley escaped in during the self-destruct sequence to kill the Xenomorph. However, the Xenomorph stowed away in the shuttle and was about to kill Ripley until she opened the airlock, throwing it out to be obliterated by the shuttle's thruster rockets.


The Nostromo had 8 people as its crew:

  • Captain Tommy
  • Second Command Dallas
  • Warrant Officer Ripley
  • Navigator Lambert
  • Engineering Technician Brett
  • Executive Officer Kane
  • Science Officer Ash
  • Chief Engineer Parker

And also there was a Cat named Jonesy on board.


At the end of the first film Ripley and Tommy destroys the Nostromo with the self-destruct system as an attempt to kill the Xenomorph on board.