The Tynnans are a race of sea otter-like humanoids native to Tynna. The average Tynnan has a sleek pelt and a thick, tapering tail. Their hands and feet are webbed, allowing them full motion in or out of the water. Their pointed ears lay close against their skulls, and their long, moist snouts are filled with protruding buckteeth. Although the eyesight of a Tynnan is considered poor, their sense of hearing is quite acute. Like most other creatures found on Tynna, the Tynnans' bodies maintain a layer of blubber to help maintain their body temperature. As a race, the Tynnans are quite wealthy, but individuals are required to pay their dues to a state-run government that provides the necessities free of charge. Those Tynnans who desire to work for a living take on professions as artists or scientists. They are curious about the galaxy at large, and many Tynnans travel the stars in search of new locations. As a people, Tynnans tend to be frivolous, but they are also known to be pragmatic planners.

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